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“Tim is constantly mixing it up, challenging me. He expects you to do your best. You come in, give it all, and he reciprocates.” – Deb B.

“It feels like here they truly take an interest in their clients and want to push them to their potential.” – Ryan B.

“How do they come up with these exercises? I never even thought of this. I love the personal touch.” – Andy H.

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Personal Trainer Reviews

“Tim has a really nice presence and I feel comfortable trying new things and not feeling silly if I didn’t do them right. I love training with Tim and I feel like I’m so much more healthy and have so much more energy.” – Bri F.

“At Atlas, every day is different. It puts me in a position of feeling engaged. I start my day right.” – David W.

“The training I did with [Atlas Fitness] during my pregnancy helped me feel great and maintain a healthy weight.  The post-pregnancy training helped me return to my pre-pregnancy weight in just four months!  I am also more toned now than I was before pregnancy. Once I went back to work, I was having trouble finding time to work out.  Tim provided the perfect solution by designing a workout I can do with my baby that allows me to stay fit and play with my baby at the same time!” – Tara F.

“There were days I went home just gassed.. but anyone who comes in here will be shocked at what they can achieve.” – Charles B.

Group X Review and Testimonial

“I have noticed a tremendous change in my body composition and strength level over the past year that I have been working out at Atlas. I have tried several different gyms on Capitol Hill and nothing has come close to the intensity and dynamic nature of Atlas Fitness.” – Jennifer M.

“At 43 years old now with a combination of two bootcamps a week and traditional stuff I’ve learned over the years, I’m probably more fit now than I was at 17 or 18 years old.” – Chris L.

“The amount of changes I’ve seen in my body both muscle definition as well as the progress I’ve made being able to do each of the workouts… It’s remarkable.” – Stephanie B.

“I’ve seen a lot of definition change in my body, but also I play flag football and I can see a difference in the field…” – Clay A.

“You’re not just lifting weights or doing cardio, it’s a mix of both. It’s very, very intense and it really pushes you to your limits.” – Darryl P.

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