Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Personal Training

Surgery can be extremely hard on the body. It’s important to properly care for yourself post-surgery. Post-surgical rehabilitation with an experienced personal trainer can help you safely transition back to a total body program and avoid additional injury while you heal.

Post Surgical Rehab Personal Trainer

Rehabilitation After Surgery

Regular exercise is a key component of your recovery after surgery. Depending on the type and extent of your surgery, your doctor will probably encourage movement as soon as possible. This typically begins with slow, easy movements and builds to include strengthening exercises to increase your endurance. By strengthening the muscles around an injury, you can reduce the stress put on that area during everyday activities. This is an extremely effective way to speed healing.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Personal Training Benefits

Surgical procedures can leave your body permanently altered. Your outcome after surgery depends heavily on your determination to get better. If you work hard to strengthen your muscles and improve your health it can have lasting benefits for your whole body.

Surgery affects both your physical and your mental state. Many people are surprised by how easily winded they become following surgery. It can be upsetting to not be able to do the things that you previously were able to. Feeling down and embarrassed often causes people to shy away from rehabilitation. This should be avoided at all costs as it dramatically slows healing and can lead to a number of other problems.

A carefully tailored fitness program does a lot more than just strengthen your muscles after surgery. Post-surgical rehabilitation is an effective way to lift your mood and boost your spirits.

Personal Trainers in Washington DC

Our experienced personal trainers offer post-surgical rehabilitation. They work directly with you to develop customized workouts that effectively strengthen your muscles while reducing the risk of further injury.

Before beginning any exercise program, it’s a good idea to discuss it with your doctor. Our personal trainers will develop an exercise plan based on your individual health history, personal goals and fitness level. We understand that many people are nervous to begin training after surgery. We work with you to ensure that you remain comfortable and safe throughout your rehabilitation.
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