Personal Training for Seniors

Senior 60+ Personal Trainer in DC

Staying independent as you age requires the strength, balance and mobility necessary to perform daily activities. That is why Atlas Fitness is happy to provide personal training options designed specifically for senior citizens. Targeted exercises can help restore, maintain and optimize health and fitness levels in older adults. A specialized exercise program can help slow down, stop or even reverse certain age-related issues and help extend a senior’s ability to live independently.

Personal Training for Seniors in the DC Area

Regular exercise has many benefits for seniors. Exercise helps boost cognitive and cardiovascular health, elevate mood, decrease stress and improve confidence. Regular exercise improves blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and neurocognitive function. A consistent exercise program has been shown to decrease mortality and age-related morbidity in older adults.

Moderate exercise is good for people of all ages. With proper instruction and guidance, older adults can learn the activities and exercises necessary to safely improve their mobility and strength. A personal trainer can help older adults ensure they are getting enough exercise and the most benefits from their exercise program.

Our personal trainers offer safe and effective exercise programs for people of all ages and abilities. Our specialized exercise programs are developed through careful screening, consultation and evaluation of each individual. These programs typically include cardiovascular, flexibility, resistance and other types of training. Our personal trainers are specially trained to help improve health, well-being and quality of life for older adults.

Increased Confidence and Independence for Older Adults

Our exercise programs for seniors help promote active aging by reducing and preventing the risk factors that threaten their independence. By implementing a variety of muscle strengthening exercises as well as balance and mobility training, we help improve quality of life for older adults.

Our personal trainers provide tangible, realistic goals. We help monitor progress and reduce injury by ensuring seniors are exercising safely and properly using equipment.

Atlas Fitness offers one-on-one training for older adults in the DC area. Our experienced personal trainers work directly with our clients to create a tailored exercise program, specially designed to reduce the risk of injury. Our personal training programs for seniors help increase confidence and extend independence.

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