Our Partners

Atlas fitness has become one of the top fitness providers in Washington DC since opening its doors on Capitol Hill’s southeast community in 2012.  Serving clients from 6 to 88 years old, beginners to seasoned athletes alike with personal training, challenging Group X and relaxing yoga classes, Atlas Fitness’ staff makes sure that that no matter your fitness goals, we have you covered.

Outside of our top rated fitness classes and training sessions we also make sure to give back to the people that matter most, the local community.  Through our DC public school program, summer youth program and not forgetting the many auction prizes we have donated along the way we are lucky enough to work with an array of like-minded, high quality businesses that are equally geared towards enriching the communities we serve.

Matchbox Food GroupLavender Retreat Wellness ClubParadigm Chiropractic and PerformanceRevolution CyclesThe Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum Washington Nationals