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Train Remotely with our Atlas Fitness Online Coaching Service

Personalized Online Fitness Coaching

When you sign up for Atlas Fitness’ online fitness coaching service, your Personal Trainer will provide you with weekly or bi-weekly programming, feedback on progression, and/or nutritional assistance tailored to your goals. You will be able to access your Trainer via e-mail or phone as needed to ask questions and stay motivated. You can also share videos of your workouts and receive biomechanical feedback from a pro to ensure proper form and technique in your home, on the road, or wherever your life takes you.

Pricing per month is dependent on coaching needs (programming, nutrition, meal planning, and/or specific needs).

About Your Online Fitness Coaching Program.

This remote fitness coaching program is ideal for those who travel often, don’t live near Atlas Fitness’ facility in DC and still want to utilize our trainers, want to work out on their own schedule, and are looking for a personalized training plan without the financial commitment of in-person training.

Your program will be designed to progressively teach you purposeful and skillful movement patterns that will translate directly to lifetime activities, recreation, and sport. This training will be delivered through a series of workouts and carefully selected exercises and drills that will enhance your overall strength, coordination, body awareness, body composition, balance, and flexibility. Programming for Coaching ranges from beginner to sport specific, cardio to strength training, and is customized to fit your lifestyle and your goals.

Fitness Assessment: Within the recommended timeframe, Atlas Fitness proposes that we utilize the beginning and end of the scheduled program for pre and post-fitness and body composition assessments. That will ultimately help us measure the success of the program. The fitness assessments will be selected based specifically on your goals but we recommend testing all five components of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular strength, and body composition.

Program Duration: The body of the program will include 3 or 6 months of coaching support. Atlas Fitness will propose the optimal number of phases we can achieve within the proposed timeframe and will be reflected in the programming. Each phase will progress in skill and difficulty as to offer continual adaptation. General adaptation to physical stress and measurable increases in fitness happens to most individuals within 4-12 weeks.

This means that we will want to keep the selection of exercises consistent for a long enough duration to allow optimal adaptation before changing or progressing the nature of the programming. Each phase of your fitness journey will be built on the principals of specificity, and overloading. Each workout will have a systematic approach in formatting and design, meaning we will build in natural progressions per each phase through more difficult formatting, increases in volume, or work capacity. Workouts will begin with a dynamic warm-up and stretches to prime the body for activity as well as address and specific client mobility and/or corrective needs. Workouts will also be completed with a cool down. Cardio plans are also available upon request and may be necessary to achieve certain goals.

Atlas Fitness believes that effective coaching and client compliance is a must for successful completion of programming!

Is Atlas Fitness Online Coaching right for you?

The Atlas Fitness Coaching is a great enhancement to personal training or solely as a remote service. Any client is the ideal Coaching client, however, Atlas Fitness Coaching can work especially well for the following people:

  • Clients who travel a lot and need a workout plan for on the road
  • Clients who have access to their own gym and do not want to commute to the Atlas Fitness facility
  • Clients who wish to work out on their own schedule
  • Clients looking to train for a specific sport or competition (i.e. Fitness competition, powerlifting competition, endurance competition)
  • Clients who want the personalized programming and benefits of personal training without as high of a price tag

Contact us today to find out more about our personalized online fitness coaching options.

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