Nutritional Services

Atlas Nutrition Services provide the other half of the holistic approach to health and fitness.

Proper nutrition is the foundation to good health, but it is not the same for everyone. Any nutritionist can write a meal plan, but unless it is designed specifically for you, you won’t see sustainable results. Atlas Nutrition Services works closely with your trainer to ensure your success.

Nutritional Services in Washington DC
Whether you select single sessions or packages, nutrition counseling or other nutrition support services can address a variety of needs including:

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Growth
  • Sports Training
  • Special Dietary Restrictions

Together we will work to understand your needs and preferences, set goals, and create a program that will support your lifestyle. 

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Counseling Sessions – One-on-one sessions designed to support your health and fitness goals. Sessions are often at Atlas, before or after your personal training session, but can also be by phone or video chat if you are traveling.

Atlas Nutrition Workshops – Group discussions focusing on a variety of nutrition topics, from grocery shopping strategies to planning pre-workout fuel and post-workout recovery foods.

Team Nutrition Seminars – Tailored to your team and their specific nutrition needs for their sport. Topics can include proper hydration, diets to support muscle growth, and how to eat properly on competition day.

Nutrition and Diet Templates – Written guides customized to your schedule and lifestyle. It is a timetable instructing you on when to eat and you are given choices of what type of food to eat.

Meal Planning – Daily menus created to achieve your goals within a recommended timeline. Special dietary considerations are made to fit your healthy lifestyle.

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