Atlas supports Show Up, Stand Out youth program

Atlas Fitness has been awarded a $145,000 grant from the District of Columbia Justice Grants Administrations to support truancy reduction in DCPS. Over the 2014 – 2015 school year, Atlas will provide fitness coaching to students in 11 DCPS middle schools. Programming will be based around skillful movement patterns that will directly translate into successful opportunities participating in lifetime activities, recreation and sport. This will be delivered through a series of exercises and drills that will enhance a students’ overall coordination, proprioception, body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility, and body composition. In addition to the more measurable physical adaptations, there are many, although less easily testable, mental, emotional, and hormonal benefits from taking on such an exercise program.

“We believe this type of exercise program is vital to helping build a child’s self-image and overall sense of well-being,” says Tim Bruffy, owner of Atlas Fitness. “Every opportunity will be taken to push the importance of having a positive mental attitude.”

“This is the second year that JGA has had the opportunity to work with Atlas Fitness,” says Melissa Hook, Director, Justice Grants Administration. “They bring a level of expertise and fun to the school programs that is very appealing to the kids. And their attendance improves as a result!”

Show Up, Stand Out is a free program to help parents get their children to school every day. Led by the D.C. Justice Grants Administration and seven community organizations, SUSO works one-on-one with parents of elementary and middle school students to overcome the many challenges they face – including homelessness, unemployment and domestic violence – in getting their kids to school every day. To learn more about the program and the 45 schools it serves, visit their website at

Atlas Fitness is a personal training and fitness facility that includes some of the best fitness coaches and trainers in the Washington, D.C. area. Our central goal is to provide personalized training experiences tailored to individual clients. You’ll receive comprehensive training composed of core fitness principles as well as creative and challenging exercises with special care paid toward preventing injury, all in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

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