DC FIT CRASHER Crashes Atlas Fitness Bootcamp

Popular fitness blogger, DC Fit Crasher, crashed the Atlas Fitness bootcamp on 7 Dec 2013. She writes:

“Atlas Fitness offers a bootcamp class that is unlike any other I’ve been to before. First, the equipment and facility are enough to make any hardcore fitness junkie drool. Monster tires. Atlas stones. Bike trainers. Weighted sleds. Heavy ropes. Sandbags. Kettlebells. Boxing bags. TRX. All immaculately curated and displayed in this Capitol Hill shrine to sweat. Considering how much I love creating my own workouts with any equipment I can get my hands on, I felt as though I had died and gone to fit crasher heaven. The second reason why this bootcamp stands out is the workout itself. It’s creative (read: more than the usual burpees)–which makes it more fun, in my book–and challenging for any fitness ability.”

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Atlas Fitness Owner Tim Bruffy Featured on BlogTalkRadio Show, At Home with Victoria Gaither

Atlas Fitness owner Tim Bruffy featured on BlogTalkRadio show, At Home with Victoria Gaither. Listen here.

Atlas Fitness is a premiere personal training and fitness facility that includes some of the best fitness coaches and trainers in the Washington, D.C. area. Our central goal is to provide personalized training experiences tailored to individual clients. You’ll receive comprehensive training composed of core fitness principles as well as creative and challenging exercises with special care paid toward preventing injury, all in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Originally posted 15 May 2013